D&A Trading, s.r.o.
tř. Obr. míru 1581/3
792 01 Bruntál
email: info@datrading.cz
tel.: +420 773 992 913

<p><strong>Crates and Logistics Packaging</strong></p>

<p>We offer a wide range of crates and logistics packaging with variable dimensions, structural and material design.</p>
<p><strong>Storage a Shelving Boxes</strong></p>

<p>We offer a wide range of beveled and storage boxes, shelving containers intended for arranged and organized warehouse management.</p>
<p><strong>Consumer Goods</strong></p>

<p>We offer a wide range of consumer goods is primarily intended for use in the home.</p>

<p>We offer bins and barrels for wide use in a business environment as well as the home for the storage of liquid and dry bulk materials.</p>
<p><strong>Structural Boards and Wall Emements</strong></p>

<p>We offer structural plate and wall elements whitch are primarily used in the construction segment and aqua industrie.</p>

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tř. Obr. míru 1581/3, Bruntál, Czech Republic